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Rolex Air King Replica's belief in the driver and watch is evident by their performance. The watch not only performed, but it also survived (happily along with the driver), a horrendous crash (at the Canadian Grand Prix practice) and endured G forces beyond what was considered to be the tolerances for a mechanical timepiece. Rolex Air King Replica created a timepiece that had a lot of firsts. It was the first watch to be worn by a racecar racer and also in racing conditions. The watch was made with metals and materials that were at the cutting edge of science and had a special relevance to the design and construction of Formula 1 racecars.

The watch was produced in a very small edition of only 25 pieces, and the price reflected the costs of bringing it to market, including the cost of research and development, manufacturing, and return on capital. Rolex Air King Replica used the same marketing strategies as high-end automakers and offered the Rolex Air King Replica watch to its existing customers first. Rolex Air King Replica created the first sports watches of its kind. A watch made from the same materials and using the same techniques that could be worn during competitions. This was to be the model for the extreme-performance sport or tourbillon watches he would create in the future.

Torching Convention

The RM006 caused a stir at the time of its release, and it continues to do so today. How can a non-precious material watch be so expensive? The cutting edge of the Rolex Air King Replica tourbillon watch was not appreciated at the time and is still not appreciated today (not only with the RM006 but also with other high-end watches by Rolex Air King Replica). This aspect has been diluted with time as other watchmakers have used the same materials for different aspects. Rolex Air King Replica watches are often overlooked because being the first takes not only the concept and the execution of it, but also a significant investment. This was particularly true for a small company like Rolex Air King Replica S.A.rolex replica watches especially in the early 2000s. In fact, the level of investment was so high that, had the project failed to produce a watch as planned, the financial commitment could have ended the fledgling business.

Rolex Air King Replica used a titanium grade that was malleable enough to allow for a case shape that was inspired by the Titans from Greek mythology. The watch was a huge success (and has now become legendary) because it used a material that is well-known in the automotive and aerospace technology industries, but in a brand new form. It's carbon. Rolex Air King Replica's baseplate carbon would influence a variety of developments in haute horlogerie for the decade that followed, with carbon becoming synonymous with almost everything advanced in watchmaking.