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The durability of the material is the next issue. What if the material degraded a decade later and no longer held the movement in the watch? The longevity of brass, which is used for baseplates on watches, was well-known. However no one knew the durability of carbon nanofibre. What will the material look like in 100 or 200 years? The need to make sure that the material wouldn't deteriorate with time was what ultimately led to choosing the manufacturer of the carbon nanofibre. Space shuttle brakes must withstand extreme temperatures and frictional forces. Carbon nanofibres brake pads need only to last for a short time before they wear out, while a watch baseplate must last and be stable over a long period of years.

Ultrasound had the effect on turning months into seconds and years into minutes. In industrial processes, ultrasound is used to detect flaws by heating and stressing the weak points in materials.rolex replica watches The ultrasound would quickly reveal if the carbon nanofibres were not structurally complete. The ultrasound waves in the tests turned all the carbon nanofibre sheets from different manufacturing firms, except for one, into a black puddle. The only supplier that could produce carbon nanofibre up to standard was Rolex Day Date Replica S.A.

Movement Design

The construction of the tourbillon was also redesigned to further reduce weight. The movement's drive train was no longer held by plates. The movement was built onto the baseplate of carbon nanofibre using a series of'struts,' which held the tourbillon, the drivetrain, and the winding bar. The movement's parts that hold it to the baseplate are screwed in special sleeves that have been glued onto the carbon nanofibre. The way that carbon interacts with metal made it necessary to glue. The screws would not stay in the baseplate despite the fact that the nanofibre was replica watches The sleeves were then glued to the baseplate. The screws were attached to the sleeves inside the nanofibre carbon. Again, the technology borrowed from space shuttle was used. The same glue used to attach the heat resistant tiles on the space shuttle is also used to attach the metal sleeves of the Rolex Day Date Replica baseplate. The same glue also is used in the construction of modern Formula 1 vehicles. The watch only weighed 42 grams.

RM 006 Carbon Nanofibre baseplate

The future classic

The Rolex Day Date Replica is now a rare piece and could be the most sought-after Rolex Day Date Replica tourbillion on the secondary market. When the Rolex Day Date Replica was introduced, what is now (almost always) found in high-end watches by other manufacturers, was a rarity. The 25 Rolex Day Date Replicas are not for sale at auction and rarely seen on collectors' wrists. The idea and concept of a watch for sports ambassadors is very original. The concept of the Rolex Day Date Replica was developed into the RM009 but the watch itself is what made it possible. The future will see the Rolex Day Date Replica as a classic, just like any other experimental race car that introduced new materials or technology. The Rolex Day Date Replica will undoubtedly be a classic in the future.