Max has been coming up with inventive, darstardly, daring and unexpected characters and art work since kindergarten. Cartooning was the perfect genre that allowed characters such as Super Granny and Super Grandpa, Peter Drumstick, Greedy Goblin and Diary of a Weirdo to errupt from his mind and come to life on the pages of hand made comic books.

A lot of collaboration takes place at school or on playdates amongst light sabre fights or fossil hunts with copious amounts of that side-splitting kind of laughter that really makes your face ache. Once a character is conceived, a plot thickend and the giggle fits have subsided, the serious work of story boarding and art work begin, turning ideas into comic books.

The budding cartoonist has discovered a following of his works by school friends, family and neighbors and fueled by the desire to make others laugh as much as he does, decided to create "Fork + Toaster Comics" to unleash his works on the world.

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