The Collection

Peter Drumstick

Peter Drumstick

Meet Peter Drumstick, not too bright, the Turkey doesn't love him, but he's pretty handy with a toilet plunger when it counts!

Fork + Toaster = Zap

Peter Drumstick and his goons decide to take revenge on the Turkey. What tricks does Turkey have under his wings?

Fork + Toaster = Zap...continued

A wet get-away, underwater drumsticks, laser shooting robots and sleep darts. Who's gonna get it?

Bomb Proof Turkey

Peter and his side-kick try to blow up the Turkey. Flying sheds, TNT, bombs and oh, what does this button do?

Battle of the Backyard

The Turkey is hell-bent on revenge as he blasts into Peter's backyard...but hey, what does this pink potion do?

The Christmas Crash!

Peter loves blowing things up with TNT. Will he take part in the Christmas Motor bike race?  Watch out Santa!

Super Granny and Super Grandpa

Bang Bang Bye Bye House

Explosions, remote controlled tornados, enemies, ships and parachutes. Super Granny and Super Grandpa weild canes and zimmer frames in this action packed episode.

The Mysterious Beach-house

Who the heck is hiding in the Mysterious Beach-house? Super Granny jumps on her skateboard to handle the situation. Will she be able to stop them or will she need help from Super Grandpa?

The Red Fox

The Red Fox

The Red Fox enjoys delicious, juicy meat, but he has a problem. He decides to ask his friends for help and discovers that someone has pointed him in the wrong direction!

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